About Us

Welcome to Lilly's Kloset, your one stop shop for what's hot, trendy and original.
On top of offering killer merchandise, we now have a killer blog featuring all things inspirational, fashion and beauty related. Our brand doesn't just sell high-quality clothing and shoes, it provides a lifestyle. Anything you need you can find in our Kloset!
What makes our online boutique different from any other? We offer the look from head-to-toe! We don't just provide one item, but we create multiple looks for you through images, videos and real-size models.
Lilly's Kloset was founded in 2012 by Kemetria Lilly. After being unable to land the job of her dreams in the fashion industry, Lilly decided she would create her own lane. The purpose of Lilly's Kloset is to bring women confidence and happiness through one of a kind merchandise. We want our Kloset freaks to have fun in our product and to feel free and inspired.
Originally, the Kloset focused more on standout handbags and accessories. But, with loyal supporters like our Kloset Freaks, we were able to expand to an online destination for full scale fast-fashion. Much has changed since 2012, but one thing will always remain the same: the customer is our ultimate priority.