A Quarantine New Year

How to Celebrate New Years During Quarantine

Quarantine New Year
How to Celebrate New Years During Quarantine. 

This has been of year of significant changes towards how we interact with each other. With the holidays coming up it’s important to know that, while somethings are going to be different, we can still keep our traditions alive and glowing!
And girrrl, after the year we’ve had, we need to put the negatives aside and celebrate all we have to look forward to. We’re not skipping the holidays— we’re celebrating! Here are our top three ways you can celebrate the new year safely and in style!




New Year, Party of One

If you’re wanting 2021 to be the year you slay, here is a perfect option for you! Treat yourself to a pampered night in. Get food delivered and pour a glass of wine because this new years eve is all about you! Get yourself all dressed up or keep it low key in your favorite jogger set and bump the speakers up loud to your favorite playlist!
Grab a journal and write your new years resolutions and goals, reflect on how your year went and what you’d want to do differently and any other things you’d like to journal. 
Keep the positive vibes going by calling your loved ones at midnight and end the night snuggled in your coziest blanket with a movie and get ready for all of the good things coming your way!




The Virtual Party

Who said you couldn’t party hard during a pandemic? Send your friends an e-vite to the hottest digital party of the year!
Set up your background with your new year decorations, pour yourself a drink and jump into your favorite party dress! Plan some digital games to keep the party alive and get ready to spend the next couple of hours laughing and talking the night away with your friends and family! 
When the clock strikes 12, cheers! Don’t forget to screenshot the party!




Keeping It Close

So… things might be on the smaller scale this new years eve. No big gatherings. No going out. But that doesn’t mean your night is ruined! 
If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that spending time with your family and loved ones is so important and can sometimes be under valued. So what better way to bring in the new year than with your immediate family! 
Get in some cozy clothes and bring out those card and board games, flip the channel to the traditional new years eve celebration shows and have a fun filled night! Snap selfies and pic with the fam throughout the night to have memories to look back on! 




Cheers to a New Year

While things are happening differently this year, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter where you’re at, a good time starts with you, boo! Whether you’re partying by yourself, virtually with friends or gathering with family, this new years celebration can be just as amazing as the years past. 
From all of the team at Lilly’s Kloset, stay safe and we hope you have a happy new year that will begin with a wealth of positivity and love!
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