Becoming A Moving Force In The Work Place

Becoming A Moving Force In The Work Place

Whether you're unhappy in your current role or looking for that next big promotion, there's always a way to make it happen. Despite the challenges, the testing coworkers and your not-so- friendly boss, work ethic is always respected and taken into consideration. Applying these 5 steps to your work day could bring you 5 steps closer to your next goal.

Arrive early and stay late

To be early is to be on time. You can't stay on top of your game strolling in with your other colleagues. You have to do more and think outside the box. Use that extra time to work on next month's project. Coming early and leaving later will give you time to manage your assignments and create new ideas.

Speak up

If you have an idea don't be afraid to share it at the quarterly meetings or to knock on you boss's door. The suggestion you've been holding onto might be what takes the company to the next level. Embrace your genius and let it shine.

Take initiative 

Be the one your team can rely on. If there's a sudden assignment that needs to be done, take it on. If you have an outside connection that's valuable to the company, advise it to your boss. Use every opportunity to work your magic. 

Be open about your goals

There's nothing wrong with being honest about where you want to be within the next year. Letting your boss know what you want to do allows them to help you get there. When a position opens they'll have you in mind, because of your transparency and work ethic. 

Be professional

We all have bad days, but the key is to never let it show. Separate your personal life from your professional life. If your work environment is giving you a problem address it and keep a positive spirit moving forward. You don't want to seem like the girl that always has a problem, even if there always is. Make the best out of the cards you were dealt. 

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