10 Beauty Hacks You'll Love!

10 Beauty Hacks You'll Love!

If we didn't teach you anything else we taught you this! Read on for our 10 life saving beauty hacks. 

1. Battling oily skin and ran out of blotting paper? Who needs it anyway! Use a piece of toilet seat cover to dab that oily up.

2. Foundation should be tested on your jawline and not your face. Test 3 shades of foundation on your jawline and blend them in. Whichever shade disappears the most is the one you should use. 

3. Pour tap water on your hair before swimming. Your hair strands will absorb the tap water protecting it from the harsh chemicals of chlorine and salt water.

4. Reduce frizz after wash days by drying your hair with a t-shirt and not a towel. Terry cloth towels strip your hair of moisture. 

5. Spraying perfume between your thighs will give you a long lasting scent. Heat rises and the more your body warms the more intense your perfume will become. 

6. Need your updo to stay in place all day long? Spray your bobby pins with holding spray before pinning your style together. 

7. If you want naturally fuller lips mix in a little peppermint oil or tea tree oil with your lip gloss.

8. Mascara flaking and clumping up on you? Drop a little contact solution in the tube to bring it back to life. 

9. If you're on your last makeup wipe no need to panic. A little coconut oil will get the job done.

10. Have a small run in your stockings? Seal the top of it with clear nail polish before it runs up any higher. 


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