How To Style Denim

How To Style Denim

Denim is everyone's best friend. So easy to style and so many variations. If you love denim just as much as we do and need tips on how to style and the best denim pieces to purchase, we've got you covered!




Overalls are back like they never left! We know a lot of people aren't a fan of overalls, maybe because you were forced to wear them at a younger age and it made you not like them as an adult?
We're here to help you give them a another chance.
What we love the most about overalls is that they are really versatile. You can dress them up or wear them casual. For the perfect everyday fall look pair your overalls with a flirty top, a simple heel and handbag. Overall we love overalls and you will too after you snag a pair!

Denim Jacket with Wool Sleeves

What’s great about denim jackets is how many different styles and silhouettes they come in. They’re the best fashion savers and every girl should at least have one in their closet!
The denim jacket with wool sleeves is one of our favorites because the jacket is a statement in itself. Not to mention the inside is also lined with wool so it’ll for sure keep you warm girl!
Keep all eyes on the jacket with a sleek monochromatic look underneath. Pair with a black top and black faux leather leggings with a black bootie —an easy outfit of the day that won’t take you hours to complete!
Go for the laid back look with a grey top and denim jeans with a simple and chill heel. This is the stylish look will still make a statement and perfect for going shopping or out to eat with you friend.

Denim on Denim

We love a little bit of double trouble aka a double denim look. “The Canadian tux” is a classic whether it’s a denim jacket with a top and jeans or a denim top and jeans. However, you do have to be careful with this look because you don’t want it to come off as too boring! Add a pop of color to your look with a vibrant colored scarf or handbag.

Denim Jeans

We saved the best for last! Denim jeans are a wardrobe essential and classic. If you google versatile jeans will surely be the first thing to pop up because they come in so many styles from high rise to low rise or skinny to bell bottom!
Dress them up with a peplum blouse and a heel or bootie or keep it casual with a simple crop and high heel.
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