Weekly Reminder: Rake It Up!

Weekly Reminder: Rake It Up!

Life can throw some pretty serious curve balls and distractions in your court, but the key is to stay focused through it all. Remember your end goal and don't let anyone or anything come in between you guys. Having tunnel vision is the best thing you can have when chasing your dreams.

If money is the motive, then rake it up! Don't be afraid to say "no". No, I can't attend that event. No, I can't take that trip. No, I can't make that dinner party. It's okay to make temporary sacrifices for permanent success. The people who are supposed to be apart of your journey will understand and support you.

Make this week about you and what you want for your future self. Create a plan then make it happen. You only live once, so it's now or never. Kill the week #klosetfreaks!

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