Top 5 Lash Brands We Love

Top 5 Lash Brands We Love

Lashes are a girl's best friend! You can experiment with all different styles and length ranging from natural to flat-out dramatic. The best part is they come in various prices that your pockets will love. Check out our go-to brands for the best lashes in town below. 

Lilly Lashes 

Lilly Ghalichi's lash brand brings the heat to every event and outing. There isn't one celebrity that hasn't been lashed by Lilly. She has 5 collections and has a lash for ALL eye shapes. Mink happens to be her specialty. You can spend anywhere from $20-$40 on her lashes, but it's worth the price. These falsies are guaranteed to last 20-25 years and are stackable and reusable.

The Sephora Collection

If you want high profile lashes at a low cost the Sephora Collection is perfect for you. From synthetic to mink, you have plenty of options. The Sephora Collection also has exclusive partnerships with other popular lash brands like House of Lashes. These falsies range from $10-$17 and can be washed and reused. 


Ardell is THE best drugstore lash brand. They're known for their invisible, lightweight band that sits right on top of your real lashes for a natural look and feel. These lashes range from $3-$6 and $11 for a pack of four. We suggest investing in a new pair after two uses.

Huda Beauty

This is another household name and favorite for many celebs. They're reusable and high quality. These lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and made from synthetic mellow fibers and a cotton band. These lashes can be worn up to 15 times and range from $17-$23. 

Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry made our top 5 list, because they have tons of styles for as low as $4.99. This is the best brand for reasonable versatility. They're 100% human hair, cruelty free, and latex-free. 

Looking for the simplest and quickest way to apply your new lashes? We have a tutorial below to assist you.


Marshea Walton

I loveeee Sephora one’s! They last for weeks. These are all amazing options.

Marshea Walton

I LOVE Ardell’s 4 pack but Red Cherry’s lashes recently won me over! I just love them!

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