Meet the Parents: Fourth of July Edition

Meet the Parents: Fourth of July Edition

Happy Fourth of July! Today is the day you meet your partner's family for the very first time and we want this to be a memorable day for you. Whether you'll be attending a cookout, the beach or camping out for the fireworks, we have the tips you need to guide you through the festivities. 

Dress appropriately.

There's a misconception that when you meet your lover's family you have to wear your Sunday's best, but that's far from true. Wear what you love and feel comfortable in, but be respectful and conscious of the setting. Avoid crop tops, short-shorts, high splits and cleavage. There are ways to display your sense of style without overexposing yourself.

Don't show up empty-handed.

Bring a gift/ It doesn't have to be extravagant, but it lets the family know you have class and that you care. Being that it's the 4th, you can bring ice (you can never enough ice in times like this), drinks, desserts, etc. 

Make your plate wisely.

Keep in mind that this is a new family you're meeting and not everything that's on the table may be as good as your mom's cooking. Be polite and try everything, especially those "famous" dishes. The trick is to try a little of everything. Don't overload your plate with large portions. That way, whatever you don't like won't be such a challenge to finish.

Engage in conversation.

Don't allow yourself to be shunned out of the table talks. Find your mark and work it. Mention some of the things your partner shared with you about his family's traditions and interest. Bring up past vacations or ask questions about how previous Fourth of July celebrations have been. 

Give compliments.

Let them know how much you love their backyard or the decor inside their home. Flatter his mom's cooking and wardrobe.Let them know you're having a good time and really enjoying yourself.

Offer assistance.

Help out by washing the dishes or cleaning up the trash. This will give you time to have one-on-one conversations and learn a little more about the family. Even if they decline, your effort will be greatly appreciated. Including yourself shows you have a genuine interest in connecting with the family, which your spouse will be looking out for.

Follow up with a personalized "Thank You" note.

The day may be over, but the work is not. Parents love an old-fashioned thank you message. Your gesture shows them that you're with their son for all the right reasons. It also secures your invitation for the next family gathering. Have fun and remember to always be yourself.

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