How "Good" Is Your Good Girlfriend?

How "Good" Is Your Good Girlfriend?

Candace Bushnell said it best! "Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with."

Every girl needs a good girlfriend in her life to keep her sane. But, how do you know she's good? She's someone you can share your deepest and darkest secrets with and someone you can make the craziest memories with. She's a girlfriend that doesn't judge, but isn't afraid to teach you a lesson in order to help you grow. If any of this sounds familiar you may have a keeper but, wait there's more! 


She's there every step of the way and builds you up instead of tears you down. She doesn't compare you to others and she doesn't make your moment about her. She's always a phone call away and doesn't make you feel bad about your accomplishments.


Your good girlfriend is never caught hanging with the enemy. She understands that what you tell her is in confidence and wouldn't dare tell a soul. She has your back in public, even when you're wrong and she's always down to ride when it matters most. 


When things get rough you know you can rely on your good girlfriend. Whether it be a place to stay, food to eat or a shoulder to cry on, she's dependable and that's why you love her! 


Marshea Walton

YASS ! All of these characteristics are needed for in my girlfriend application !

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