Handbag Essentials: What's In Yours?

Handbag Essentials: What's In Yours?

Almost every woman can agree that purses and clutches are key to pulling off the perfect outfit. Our handbags bring our ensembles color, edge and originality. Besides it being the ultimate accessory it's also a lifesaver for carrying our most prized possessions. For us ladies, that could be anything. So, what exactly should you have in your purse? Here's 10 things every woman should always have on the go!

1. Mints or Gum. You never know who you're going to run into, therefore you should always be prepared to engage  in conversation with fresh breath.

2. Hand Sanitizer. We pick up millions of  germs and bacteria throughout the day. Which is why hand sanitizer is a major purse must-have!

3. Pocket Tissue. Coffee spills and food leaks, just make sure you catch it before your clothes do!

4. Hand lotion. Skip out on dryness and catch up on moisture!

5. Hair Ties. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, but you'll always be prepared with a hair tie on deck.

6. Signature Lip. Whether it be lipstick or lip gloss, a lady should always have it.

7. Travel-Size Perfume. You can get your favorite fragrance in a TSA - approved mini size so you never have to go without.

8. Cash. In case of an emergency you should always keep a few $20 bills in your wallet.

9. A Pen. You look so much more prepared when you're signing paperwork and don't have to ask, "Do you have a pen I can borrow?"

10. Sunnies. Block the haters and the sunshine by keeping a pair of shades in hand that complement every outfit.


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