Bring The Shades, Fall 2018 Is Looking Bright!

Bring The Shades, Fall 2018 Is Looking Bright!

"Life Is Art, Live Yours In Color"

Grab your favorite shades because Fall 2018 is looking bright! We all know the saying "life is art, live yours in color", but are we really wearing neon this fall? The answer is yes, the neon trend has swept the fashion industry multiple times this year on and off the runway and looks like its here to stay for another season or even a little longer...

 Neon Hits The Runway - NYFW SS 2019
The neon trend has been spotted in various amounts of runway debuts and seems to be the next big thing for Fall 2018 as well as Spring 2019! However, this isn't the first time we have seen bright colors hit runways worldwide. Neon has been around for decades but the untold question is will the 80's inspired neon trend be strong enough to make a comeback for all four seasons? 
 You might want to think twice before you throw out the neon windbreaker from high school!
Neon Hits The Streets! 
 Hello Yellow, this is just the beginning of the revived neon trend... Neon is predicted to be the next big hit in all things fashion and more. From clothing to cars you don't want to miss this! Well, wait... It's kind of hard to miss this! 
Kim Kardashian takes neon to the next level, literally!
From clothes to cars Kim never fails to amaze us by keeping up to date on all the latest fashion trends. As seen on Kim, pairing your neon fit with a translucent glass heel is a MUST! Giiiiirl do we have news for you... We've stocked our Kloset with tons of select styles and colors to keep you looking runway without breaking the bank!
How To Find What Neon Color Will Look Best On You!
Did you know that by adding complementary colors to your outfit you can enhance your body and intensify your complexion? Start off by defining whether you fall under the "warm" or "cool" skin tone. The easiest way is to take a look at your arm and study the veins in natural light. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If you cant tell if your veins or green or blue, you hay have a neutral skin tone.
 Finding colors that look good on you can be tricky. Listed above is a color chart to help you visualize adding the perfect color to your outfit for better results. For example, if your skin is more on the pale side shy away from yellow and orange. Instead try brighter colors like neon pink or cobalt blue!
Try Starting Simple!

The easiest way to introduce a new color to your outfit is to try a new nail color! Needless to say, go neon! Neon nails have taken over 2018. This is the year Grandma changes her nail color from red to yellow! We have all seen the endless amount of neon nails and hair through Kylie Jenner's social media, why not give it a try yourself! 
Lilly's Got The Look!
No need to fear, Lilly is here...
Don't worry girl, we've got ya covered!
Be sure to visit the New Arrivals where you can find all the latest PVC Translucent Heels we've hand selected just for you. No need to dream about the heels your favorite celebrities are wearing in their last Instagram post. You're only a click away from looking runway! 
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