Be Your Own Valentine

Be Your Own Valentine

It doesn't matter if your single or taken this Valentine's Day. February, 14th is more than a candle lit dinner with your significant other. On this day you should focus on all aspects of love not just your relationship status. What are you waiting for? Start filling up your bath tub right now!
1. Write Yourself A Love Note
When was the last time you wrote something nice to yourself? Grab a pen and paper and write down a nice message to yourself. If you're not sure what to write you can always search for quotes online. Place this message somewhere visible that way you are reminded of what is on the paper.
2. Read An Empowering Book
Even if you're not a fan of reading maybe you're just not reading the right books. Try reading poetry or a book based upon a topic you're passionate about. You never know what you might learn from reading as little as one book!


3. Buy Yourself A Bouquet Of Flowers
Flower power is indeed a real thing. Did you know that by adding flowers to your home you have the ability to improve your mental health? Plants have been known to cure anxiety, stress, depression and much more. If you're not already a plant mom its time to become one.   
4. Create A Vision Board 
You might be thinking... What the heck is a vision board. No, were not talking about creating the next smart TV it's much more simple. A vision board is a a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.
5. Pamper Yo' Self 
Treat yourself to a spa day, a fresh mani-pedi, a new hair color and whatever else makes you look and feel your best. You don't have to book an appointment to be pampered. Apply a face mask and began polishing your nails with your favorite paint color.
6. Try Meditation Or Yoga 
Be active! Instead of binge watching on Netflix invest in a yoga mat and try something new for a change. Practices such as meditation and yoga allow you to connect more deeply with yourself. Even if this is not your thing in the end your body will thank you both mentally and physically. 
7. Eat Healthy
Transforming your diet into a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but if your willing to stick with it your are likely to see results. Healthy eating will improve your health and allow you to lose weight naturally. Not only will you be improving your body physically eating healthy will allow your body to function at its fullest giving you a boost in energy.
8. Take A Relaxing Bath 
If you don't have time to get to the spa why not create your own in the comfort of your home? Gather all your favorite items. Add a scented oil, bath salts, bath bombs or whatever you prefer. Put on relaxing music and light your favorite candles. Bring some snacks or a glass of wine. Put on a face mask and tie your hair up. Most importantly take the time to relax and enjoy your yourself.  


9. Do Your Hair And Makeup
 If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good. With a fresh face and hair on point you will be ready to slay the day!
10. Do Something Independently
Often times we are so caught up in the company of others we began to feel uncomfortable being alone. Although doing things in a group setting is lots of fun it is also perfectly okay to enjoy doing things alone. Experiment in the kitchen. Have a spa day. Get organized. Meditate. Work out. Travel solo. Take up a new hobby. Take yourself to a really nice dinner. Walk the mall. Independence is an important key to every girls life. It provides you with confidence, happiness and most importantly self-love. 

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