A Weekly Reminder: Keep Pushing

A Weekly Reminder: Keep Pushing

Go into this week understanding that anything worth having is worth working for. Good things come to those who wait. Even when it feels like there's no hope or purpose, keep pushing through the storm. Invest in your future and dreams knowing that a generation beyond your belief depends on it. That idea that's weighing on your heart is going to save a nation one day. Let that be your drive to never give up. It may not happen on your time, but it will happen in perfect timing. 

Avoid comparing yourself to other's progress. What happened for someone in their 20's may happen for you in your 40's. As long as your heart is in it and the passion is there you will NEVER lose. Remember that even some of the best influencers and moguls experienced hardships before they experienced their breakthrough.

What would life for readers be like without Harry Potter? What would comedy series be without Saturday Night live? What would life in general be like without Oprah? And what's a childhood memory without Disney World?

You see, it's just that simple. Your dreams are waiting for you to pursue them. The hardest part is starting, but once you're all in, nothing but greatness can grow from it.

There are 168 hours in a week and each week you get an automatic reset. Make every hour count and if you fail, keep trying until you succeed. Happy Monday Kloset freaks, make it happen!




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