5 Natural Beauty Secrets For Healthy Skin

5 Natural Beauty Secrets For Healthy Skin

Figuring out how to clear up acne can be an ongoing struggle. Falling for every gimmick and investing in  every product can become expensive and disappointing. What if we told you that the secret is closer than you thought. Read below to find our favorite beauty products for healthy skin all under $10!

You've probably heard of African black soap, but let's get into the details of why it's a beauty necessity. African black soap is great for people struggling with rosacea, rashes, eczema, etc. It also contains a plantain extract that has high antibacterial properties in it that treat acne and blemishes. Additionally, the soap contains Shea butter, which aids in fighting dark marks and discoloration. Use this product twice  a day for best results. It can also be applied to the entire body.

Witch hazel is one of the most popular natural acne treatments. It serves as a toner and an oil absorbent.The astringent is capable of reducing acne, insect bites, inflammation and much more. It kills bacteria that lives within the skin's pores, stops cellular damage which prevents aging and speeds up healing from acne scars. You can use witch hazel as a toner every time you wash your face.

Rose water is our favorite beauty secret, because it's remarkably versatile. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces skin irritation and redness. Like the other products it assists with acne, dermatitis and eczema. It also hydrates your skin, revitalizing it for a natural glow. The best part is you can soak your beauty blender in it before applying makeup. It can also be used as a setting spray if you're going for a dewy look. Be sure to purchase 100% rose water for the best results.

Every woman should have an Aloe Vera plant in her home. It's a gentle cleanser for pimples and treats skin infections, wounds and burns. As bad as "picking" at your face is, we all do it and Aloe Vera is the best healing resolution. For deep treatment apply it onto a fresh face overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. 

Last, but far from least, turmeric. Turmeric is a natural spice that's related to ginger. Mixing it with water for a paste-like texture and applying it to problem areas on your face once a week can reduce acne scarring and breakouts. Blending it with essential oils such as coconut oil provides luster and glow to the skin. Turmeric is also a natural remedy for psoriasis and scabies. 

 *All products can be purchased at a drug store or grocery store. 

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